V9 extractor tune

V9 extractor tune

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This is both a product and a service offered to Vanta 9 owners. If you have a V9 that see's higher round counts, or just don't want to worry about having to replace your extractor at a later time, add this to your cart.

All of our extractors are hand fit, blended, and tuned for each V9. As such, you must send your complete slide in at the time of your order. Once your extractor has been fit to your pistol, we will return your slide back to you.

In the drop down menu you will see two options: DLC (standard), and Blued.

We DLC all of our extractors and highly recommend this when ordering a spare extractor for durability of the finish. If you are in a rush and don't want to add any extra wait time to your order, we can blue the rear face of the extractor in-house. This saves both time and cost, but the finish may not maintain its deep black finish for repeated use.

Once we have your slide in hand, typical turn around time is approximately three business days in our hands for blued, and 18-20 business days for DLC. We do not DLC parts in house (due to it costing millions of dollars) and send our extractors out for the finish. *DLC wait times are subject to change without notice


The order of operation for this transaction -

Order placed > confirmation email with shipping address for your slide (we suggest using UPS or FedEx, insured) > drop your package off at your selected carrier > slide received/confirmation email > extractor fitting > contact e-mail with return shipping options for you to confirm > slide returned to you


**This is only available to V9 owners. We do not fit or install our extractors in other manufacturer's pistols. Do not purchase this if you do not intend to send your V9 for service**