V9 magazine

V9 magazine

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17 round magazine for the Vanta 9/most wide-body framed 1911s.

This mag body and spring are the best combination we've used so far. Many wide-body mags come with under powered springs, resulting in what looks like an ICBM in your magazine. Other issues include nose diving on the feed-ramp, and failure to lock back on the last round. 

These mag bodies are finished with a gloss/polished DLC (a higher quality finish versus powder coating/Cerakote/nitride). The inside of the magazine body retains this polish as well, allowing for smoother feeding under adverse conditions. Save yourself the headache of having to piece together a mag and let us be your one stop shop.


- DLC/black coating, gloss

- Extra power spring

- Black polymer base-pad

- 126mm

- 9/38 caliber