Ambi Thumb Safety

Ambi Thumb Safety

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These are the same safeties we use in the Vanta 9 and are fit specific to right handed shooters. We went through many different safety sizes/shapes before we settled on this as our standard.

We have large chamfers on the front and rear of the paddles to aid with re-holstering. All edges are de-burred by hand and the paddles themselves are lightly undercut to avoid sharp edges. We also added a flat head slot on the inside of the safety to help with removal. The safety is finished in high quality DLC.

These safeties are subtle and do not have massive paddles similar to what you may find on competition guns; we found this width to be a happy medium for all around use.


Left (ejector side) paddle width: ~.212"

Right (extractor side) paddle width: ~.165"

Material: Carbon Steel

Finish: DLC


Included in package:

Left side safety

Right side safety

Ambi center locking sleeve

Stainless hammer pin

*No returns on this item once it has been modified. All final sear stop fitting must be done by a certified gunsmith and all safety checks must pass.