Mk 2 G19 stripped slide

Mk 2 G19 stripped slide

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Please read this section entirely. STRIPPED SLIDE ONLY, THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE FIREARM.

Our Mk 2 G19 slides are (temporarily) back in stock. We are running these in very small runs due to popular demand. These are compatible only with Gen 5 G19, G19X, and G45 pistols.

These slides are identical to the original Mk 2 19 slides we offered before we shifted our efforts to the Vanta 9. These are available for order now. 


- Gen 5 G19 Mk 2 slide

- DLC/black finish

- Enhanced signature "Pyramid" rear cocking serrations

- Front cocking serrations

- Three windows (left, right, top)

- Lightening cuts for reduction of slide mass

- Rolled/beveled front slide profile

- Rolled ejection port

- RMR/SRO/RMR-compatible footprint optics cut

- RMR cover plate

- RMR optic screws (6-40 thread pitch)

- Channel liner pre-installed


These are stripped slides with only the channel liners installed. We have our RMR cover plates fit tight. It is usually necessary to tap the lower edge with a plastic mallet/rubber hammer to unseat the RMR cover plate. In some cases it may also be necessary to gently tap the RMR/SRO/Holosun compatible models into the slide gently.

All stripped slides come with RMR/SRO optic screws (6-40 thread pitch) cut to correct length.