Jardine action work grease

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AKA "The gray grease" - this is a product we've been using on complete pistol builds for many years. Previously only offered in a select few stores across California, we are happy to bring this to the online market. This will be the last grease you ever need for your firearm. 

Use: ideal for action/trigger components - sear, hammer, disconnector, sear spring, trigger bow

This product can be used for other components on the firearm but is not ideal. We suggest using this grease on all internal components that won't seep to the outside of the firearm. Take note - this grease gets everywhere. If you look at this grease wrong you will find it on your clothes, your hands, everywhere. This is why we suggest this grease for use on the inside of the gun only. For all other areas we suggest Jardine's Extreme Weapon Grease, which can be purchased here.


It's sad that we have to mention this, but obviously - do not ingest or use for "other" purposes.