Jardine's Extreme Weapons Grease

Jardine's Extreme Weapons Grease

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AKA "The pink grease" - this is a product we've been using on complete pistol builds for many years. Previously only offered in a select few stores across California, we are happy to bring this to the online market. This will be the last grease you ever need for your firearm. This is the most up to date version of this grease with a slightly different color than previous versions due to composition. 

 Use: ideal for slide/frame, barrel, guiderod

This product can be used for trigger components (i.e. hammer, sear, disconnector, etc...) but is not ideal. For the best trigger-specific grease please click this link.

Manufacturer's description:
A synthetic based grease designed to protect and stop wear, corrosion and galling in all type of semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms. Jardine’s Extreme will protect against corrosion and wear in plastic, aluminum, stainless, and regular steel framed firearms. It has a wide operating range which allows for use in all types of climates. Jardine’s Extreme is nonvolatile and will not separate or drain off parts.
Ultra Wide Temperature Operation: -50F to 600F with no loss in performance properties.
Manufactured from a synthetic base fluid with a multi-functional additive system, utilizing anti-scuff and dry film additives, this product will lubricate all types of materials at ultra low and high temperatures, wet, dry, or freezing.
Most gun lubes are repacked industrial grease or oil not designed for the friction and wear regimes of modern semi and full auto systems.
Designed from the ground up as the ideal firearm lubricant with the correct type and amount of high quality additives and delivered in low break away torque grease to resist wear and scuffing commonly encountered with inferior lubes.
Unlike repacked oils, this product will stop scuffing and adhesive wear in plastic, carbon steel, and stainless steel.
Contains NO ionization technology chemicals which contain chlorinated wax as the base, that will breakdown with heat and release hydrochloric acid; which will cause rust and corrosion. Also, chlorinated wax has bad low temperature properties and has no place in a quality lubricant due to corrosion and staining concerns.
Unlike other technology, this product does not need burnishing, high temperature, pressure, or high speed loading to “active or work into the microscopic pores of the metal”. This allows use in areas that have low loads and slow sliding speeds while still giving excellent wear and anti-scuff protection.
Product is available in a 10cc syringe for easy use in pin point applications. Do not ingest.