V9 Fluted Guide Rod

V9 Fluted Guide Rod

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The (new for 2023) standard guide rod used in the V9. This guide rod is only suitable for heavy barrel 5"/Government model 1911/2011 style pistols (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH BUSHING BARRELS).

The guide rod is an often overlooked and critical aspect to the proper functioning of any 1911/2011. We made many adjustments over a standard guide rod to make what we believe is the best on the market.

There are a few benefits from fluting the guide rod - it directs grit and grime into the flutes and allows the guide rod to slide in/out of the reverse plug with less possibility of binding on debris. There is also very slight weight savings if that's a concern for you.

It can also be argued that, since the recessed flutes are able to easily retain grease and oil, the inside of the gun (barrel, radial lugs, standing lugs area) can benefit from lubricant spreading to those areas during firing. Again, these are cool marketing points, but the magic comes from the bulb of the guide rod.

As many who have used a bull barrel compatible guide rod know, sometimes the paper clip used to hold the reverse plug can get peened up after repeated use. We mitigated this by drilling and counter sinking a blind hole instead of a through hole. This ensures that when you remove your paper clip the opposing edge doesn't get peened and remain stuck in the gun.

The muzzle end of the guide rod features a large chamfer to avoid the dreaded guide rod stick when the slide is off of the frame. We use a keyed/support reverse plug (blued finish) that is included with the guide rod.

Guide Rod Specifications:

Material: Stainless steel

Finish: Bead blast/polished

Package includes: Guide rod (stainless or DLC), keyed reverse plug (black)

Springs can be purchased under our components section.

*Suggested installation by certified gunsmith. It is important that all areas are inspected for proper clearance for your specific firearm.

For proper guide rod installation, please refer to the video below.