V9 Zero Trigger (V2)

V9 Zero Trigger (V2)

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*Orders placed the week of the 20th will ship the upcoming week.

This is our newest double stack compatible Zero Trigger (the same trigger bow/shoe used in our Vanta 9). We have added a set screw for over-travel, a pre-travel adjustment slot, as well as a rearward fitting pad for height adjustments. We now have two versions - standard and lightweight.

Our lightweight trigger setup has lightening holes to remove weight out of the assembly for light trigger pulls. The lightened bow does not create a lighter trigger, rather, reduces the chance of hammer follow/half cock on extremely light trigger pulls (assuming the rest of the trigger system in the pistol is setup correctly). Full disclosure - the weight difference is small, however every ounce removed (no matter how small) from the trigger assembly helps on light pulls.

We suggest using the solid trigger bow for any trigger pull that weighs 2.5 pounds and above. If you plan on going lower than approximately 2.25 pounds, we suggest using the lightweight bow. We have found that 2.75 pounds is the max pull weight that the lightweight bow is capable of working with long term. DO NOT USE THE LIGHTWEIGHT TRIGGER BOW CONFIGURATION WITH A TRIGGER THAT IS OVER 2.75 POUNDS.


Compatible in most grip modules. FITTING WILL MOST LIKELY BE REQUIRED.

We are currently working on a video that will show how to properly fit the bow to your module. There are many caveats when fitting a trigger bow to a double stack frame that need to be understood before modifying any part of the trigger system. We suggest this trigger system to be installed only by a certified gunsmith. ALL SAFETY CHECKS MUST PASS, i.e. - NO HALF COCK, NO HAMMER FOLLOW, NO CHANGE IN CONSISTENCY WITH PULL WEIGHT OR IMPULSE, ETC... IF ANY OF THESE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE NOT MET DO NOT USE THE TRIGGER IN YOUR FIREARM.


- Lightened shoe (6061 aluminum, anodized black finish)

- Flat face profile (serrated face)

- Hybrid length (between short and medium in length)

- Pre-travel adjustment (on trigger bow)

- Over-travel/reset adjustment (set screw)

- Cryogenic treatment on bow for best RC scale harness to ensure long-term use without warping or binding

- Wide trigger bow for double stack modules only

- Trigger bow permanently staked in place for heavy use, no glue or adhesives used as a holding method


*Not compatible in 1911/single stack firearms. Compatible with Fowler Industries Vanta 9, and other 2011 style grip modules. Fitting may be required on other non-Fowler Industries modules for width/height, trigger bow width, length, etc... If any gunsmithing work/fitting is done to the trigger or bow, returns are not accepted. We understand that there are many new grip modules being added to the market place; we cannot test all of them. We know that our triggers are compatible (after proper fitting) with our Fowler Industries grip modules, as well as the Cheely grip modules (steel and aluminum). We have found our trigger system to also work with the MJD solutions grip module after modification of the shoe track width (on the inside of the grip module) has been opened/dressed slightly. We will continue to work on a list of compatible modules as we sell/fit more of these to the secondary market.

Some trigger shoes may have light anodizing popping around pin holes, as well as the back of the shoe where the bow inserts into the shoe. This is normal.