V9 update program (2023)

V9 update program (2023)

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After many emails and phone calls, we're adding this to our site with hopes of streamlining this process. PLEASE READ THIS PAGE THOROUGHLY. If you still have questions e-mail info@figuns.com.

We've made subtle changes to the V9 over the past few years. These subtle changes can add up to big benefits, so we're offering an update program for your Gen 1 V9. The easiest way to tell if your V9 will benefit from our update package is the optic cut. We have attached a photo at the bottom of this page for reference. If your V9 has the Gen 1 optic cut (with the small set screw above the hammer and a hump), we strongly suggest sending your complete pistol in for the update.

We offer three different update packages.



Update ejector, barrel bed, frame, chamber, extractor fitment, re-verify hammer/sear engagement and trigger pull, safety slot, etc...). Basically all we're doing here is going through your gun front to back, top to bottom, to make sure everything is updated to our current standards - $100



Update guide-rod (you send in your current guide-rod and we replace it with our updated fluted guide-rod). This is essentially a trade-in for a better part - $45



Update optic cut. This includes:

- Machining off the hump on the back edge of your slide

- Drilling/tapping two new 6-32 holes up front

- Removal of set screw above hammer

This update allows for use of other optics including Aimpoint ACRO, Steiner MPS (shim stock must be used), Holosun 509T, and any other plates that we may offer in the future.

Note: you will need to purchase a new optic plate if you opt for this service. Your old V9 optic plate will not be useable after the 2023 optic cut update. The price for our optic plate (any model) is $135. You should expect to be all-in with your optic cut update for $235 once the new plate is ordered.




Shipping (to and from) is to be covered via the customer. It is up to you to decide if you would like insurance. We will not ask if you want insurance, you need to notify us before we ship back to you if you would like to opt for insurance. Yes, it's expensive, and no, we haven't seen many real world insurance pay out's. All firearms must be shipped legally (via UPS or FedEx).

Once your order is placed, you will be emailed with our shipping address. After the work on your V9 is completed, we will bill you for shipping via email. We can provide various shipping quotes/rates if you prefer.

FOR UPDATES A AND C, we need the COMPLETE pistol in hand to perform the work. Yes, we still need the complete pistol even if we're only updating the optic cut.

FOR UPDATE B, we do not need your pistol. All we need is your guide-rod.


Turn around time for any/all of the above updates is approximately two weeks. This time frame is subject to change without notice.


If you opt for Update C, machining is required to remove the hump on the back of the slide. For DLC guns, we use spot bluing to cover up raw steel. Please note - the spot bluing does not look perfect. The area that we blue will be covered up by an iron sight plate or optic plate pretty much all the time, so any imperfections in the bluing is inconsequential as you'll never see it. We only mention this as some people are (understandably) very critical of uniformity. If you have any inkling of this being a concern for you, please do not send your slide back for the optic cut update. We perform the optic cut update for people who intend to use their gun and want more options. If you are concerned about an area that will be invisible to you and others 99.99% of the time and has no effect on reliability/durability of the gun, then please do not send your gun in. I know that might sound harsh, but we're just trying to be upfront and not waste anyone's time.

If you have a V9 with a Cerakote slide we will have no choice but to either leave the cut in the white, or refinish the entire slide in the same Cerakote color/pattern it had originally. If you would like to refinish the slide, you will pay MSRP for said Cerakote.